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What is Graded Exercise Therapy?

It would be better to call Graded Exercise Therapy (GET), Graded Movement Therapy.

We would start by working out what you feel you are capable of doing everyday, for some people this will be stretching for others it might be a 5 minute walk. It is your choice. Then each week or two (or when you are ready) you can increase the amount you do as you think you are capable.

It is a way to build up muscle strength, improve joint mobility, blood pressure and circulation.


What causes ME/CFS symptoms?

The symptoms of ME/CFS seem to be created by the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) being ‘switched on’ too often. Many therapists have believed this for a long time and now there is research from around the world supporting this view.

When this system is activated the following changes happen:

The heart rate increases, breathing becomes fast and shallow, blood pools in the arms, legs and backs, but does not circulate well to the brain, hands and feet. Digestion changes. Saliva production decreases. Muscles tense. Pupils dilate. Senses are more acute (sight, touch, sound, smell, taste). The body also reduces immune system and temperature control.


This is how they link to the symptoms of ME/CFS.

Heart palpatations: The heart rate increases.
Dizziness and brain fog: Circulation to the brain is reduced and there is less oxygen to the brain.
Pain or sensitivity to light, noise, touch and smell: Increased sensory acuity.
Stomach pain/bloating/constipation/diarrohia/nausea/low appetitie and reduced absorbtion of nutrients: Digestion changes.
Sore throats: Saliva reduces.
Unrefreshing sleep: This system has evolved to keep us away from danger, so the body does not want to sleep when in this state.
Anxiety: The body is constantly checking for danger.
Cold hands and feet: Circulation changes.
Fatigue: The body burning glucose.
Muscle and joint pain: Tense muscles.
Feeling ‘wired’: Adrenaline in the body.

If you have these symptoms and would like to know how to reduce them then contact

What is Reverse Therapy?

What is Reverse Therapy?
Reverse Therapy is a process that helps you understand your body,  reverse illness and return to health.

It specifically works with these illnesses:

• ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Pain
• Auto-immune disorders
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Migraines

All of the symptoms of these illnesses can be understood as being caused by the same systems of the body  (if you’d like to look them up it is the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis and Sympathetic Nervous System).

Our brain is the organ that controls our bodies, it acts like a radar system, continuously checking that everthing is OK. If a problem is perceived then the brain sends messages to the body to change something. These messages include changes in: muscle tension; heart rate; breathing; stomach; throat; bladder; eyes; circulation; skin; and brain. In Reverse Therapy this is called bodily distress:


If we respond to the body’s messages then the symptoms stop. If we do not respond appropriately the physical symptoms continue and will get more intense over time. The immune system becomes surpressed to save energy. Eventually the body cannot cope and this can turn into ill health.

Symptoms of illness are your body trying to get your attention for you to change something. Using Reverse Therapy techniques you learn how to understand what your body wants you to do. When you do this then there is no need for your body to continue to produce symptoms. For some people this can be simple, for others there is a clash between what the body wants and what the mind (thoughts) want. The Mind Spa can help you deal with these conflicts to create inner harmony and health.

If you have one of these illnesses and would like to work together to improve your health then contact, or 07748 567379.