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Significant reduction in pain and fatigue

Emma, age 16, had had moderate fatigue and sore throats for 6 years. She regularly needed time off school and had few hobbies or friendships. When Holly met her she had also started to have severe chest pains (hospital tests showed no problem with her chest and attributed these to her ME/CFS).

After three sessions, over 3 months, Emma said that she felt great and got almost no symptoms. Holly and Emma are now going to have three more health coaching sessions to create lifelong healthy behaviours.

This is Emma’s testimonial:

“Holly has helped me in several different ways. She has helped me work out how to control my pain which I now suffer from very rarely. She also helped me to deal with my anger issues, teaching me how to be more assertive. Holly gave me tips for coping in exams – how to get rid of my brain fog. Now I am working on how to balance my health. I love Holly, she’s made me feel better.”