tristan 2Excellent nutrition is essential to good health.

The Mind Spa uses Tristan at Walk the Fire for nutritional advice.

Tristan has in-depth knowledge of how food affects your body, including energy; sleep; digestion; inflammation; health; illness and weight.


foodHe advises people all over the world on nutrition, from professional athletes to those recovering from chronic illness. Tristan helped Holly (Mind Spa therapist) to change her diet which was a hugely important part of her recovery from fatigue.

In your session with Tristan you will discuss your current eating habits and your specific needs and wants and together create a healthy eating plan for the next month.

A nutritional advice session with Tristan, in person or via Skype, costs £50 full price or £30 concession price.

To book your session call Tristan on 07852 621203, or email

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